Hello, world!

Well, this seems to be the sixth time I've completely redesigned my website.

In the new version, I was aiming for 3 things:

  1. The main focus is on content (that's what the web was made for, right?).
  2. Using a minimum of styles.
  3. An ability to view via lynx/w3m/etc.

The whole site is written in pure HTML and CSS, without using Javascript. I decided not to use SSG frameworks like Jekyll or Hugo. Maybe in the future I will use one of these tools or write one myself, but at the moment I don't see much point in it. For now, I'm just copying the template and writing all the content directly using my favorite text editor - Helix.

The size of the uncompressed main page is only 2 kB. Pretty cool, huh? :)

In CSS, I have only slightly changed the standard appearance of the page. The layout was inspired by Karl Bartel's Website. Text sizes and margins are standard. The main difference from a bare page is the limited width of the content and the changed colors. By the way, the colors are encoded in 12 bits (like #FFF), instead of the usual 24 bits (like #FFFFFF). Oh, and there is also a dark and light theme here!

Website history

As a bonus, I would like to show the previous versions of my website.

First version

Screenshot of the first website version

The first commit of this version is dated August 3, 2020. At that time, the site was on the free arslee.tk domain.

I didn’t know how to layout sites and styles, so the layout looked just awful and was broken on mobile devices.

The total size of the site was ~230 kB, mainly due to Font Awesome. For comparison, this article is about ~170 kB with all the images.

Second version

Screenshot of the second website version

Released on May 15, 2021. This time it was hosted on the arslee.dev domain.

I used React and Bootstrap, which seems overkill for such a minimal page. The total size was ~780 kB, where 80% is just a single .js file. Too much, isn't it? :)

Anyway, at the moment it's forked by Akavi. Nice to see someone using my work.

Third version

Screenshot of the third website version

Made on January 11, 2022. Inspired by this shot on Dribbble.

It was originally made using Bootstrap, but then the unused CSS was removed, and the rest was inlined in HTML.

The total size was about 160 kB. Fork Awesome font had the largest size (don't confuse it with Font Awesome!).

Fourth version

Screenshot of the fourth website version

The first commit was made on May 24, 2022 in just an hour, almost immediately after acquiring the arslee.me domain. To be honest, I still like the look of this version.

It was one single .html file with inlined CSS and SVG icons instead of a font with icons. The icons were taken from the Simple Icons website. The total size, excluding the font, is only ~15 kB.

Now you can see the modified version at timka123's website.

Fifth version

Screenshot of the fifth website version

Published on March 9, 2023. The main motivation was the ability to view the site in the terminal and the smallest possible page size.

There were no images, SVGs or CSS .classes in the site layout. A local monospace font was also used. There were also dark and light themes. The total size was only 2 kB.

Now this layout is used by Reth.

P.S. Well, I hope this is not the only article.
P.P.S. Text corrections are welcome!

Written on 2023-17-05.